Monday 25 July 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ I Love You ♥

Happy Monday!
I'm so looking forward to the week ahead!
I have a lot of things I'm planning to make and luckily a little bit extra time to do it!
Also, I will be posting pictures of my sticker books that I found at my Mums house in Wales
(I mentioned it in this post)
I love discovering things from my childhood I'd forgotten and then get all those memories come flooding back!
And I still love Lisa Frank

1. Suami
Seriously, visit this shop!
I wanted to post so many items from this shop
There miniature amigurumi animals are so cute!

2. Blue Birdie Singer
I'm actually really scared of wasps and bees
But this print is cute

3. Kira Ferrer
Love these rings
Perfect colours

4. Joe Vintage
How beautiful is this vintage typewriter?

5. Phoenix Laser
I love this Victorian House model

6. Ume Crafts
This is so sweet!
You can make a Felt Dollhouse!

7. Anakim

8. Shayla Fish
Got to have a cat somewhere in my Monday finds!
And these stickers are cute!

Just click on the photos to visit the shops


  1. Wow what great fubnds, the snail is adorable, and to doll house and the bezelled rings and and and ... !!! x

  2. Lovely finds! Adore the snail and typewriter.

  3. The rings are gorgeous. I'm into that colour right now.

  4. I'm swooooning over that typewriter, too. And, those amigurumi animals, adorable!


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