Wednesday 27 July 2011

My Sticker Collection

Before I went to Wales I wrote about my sticker collection
When I got back to Wales I found some of them
Unfortunately I couldn't find the Lisa Frank sticker sheets, but I found two of the books!
These books are about 17 years old!

Thankfully, my handwriting has improved!

I LOVED Trolls!

Remember the little stickers at the top?
You used to put them on as fake earrings, and you thought you were so cool?

I remember the ice cream stickers were scratch and sniff vanilla scented

Ahhh, good old Lisa Frank!

Whenever we went to Florida I would collect lots of 25c and spend them on these fake tattoos!
I actually wore them and thought I looked pretty tough!

I also found this embroidery I did for a competition in my 1st year of high school!
I came 2nd place!

This is my first cat I had, Kissy
She was a stray and I remember being about 6 and playing outside the front of my house
I heard lots of hissing and found Kissy under a car, backed up against a wall
She was being hit and hissed at by a few other cats and was so scared
I lay down and slid my legs under the car and tried to push them out of the way
Kissy eventually came out and followed me home
Mum tried to find out where she was from
She asked around, put up notices, went to the vets and people told us she was a stray that hung around
So we kept her!
She was one of the most loving cats I have known
We said she was like a little Koala because if you picked her up she would cling to you and not want to be put down
Whenever I had pens or pencils out, she would come over and pick one up with her paw
And every night she slept on my chest or shared my pillow with me
She was a real unique little girl

Next time I go to Wales I'm definitely going to bring back more photos to post of Kissy
It was really nice going through things from my childhood, I'm glad I was a bit of a hoarder!


  1. I used to collect stickers in albums like that too.
    Kissy looks lovely :)

  2. wow! i completely remember those stickers you used for earrings lol they always used to get tangled in my hair and hurt lol

  3. I had those exact same troll stickers! How cool that you still have your old sticker collection. :)

  4. I love your sticker collection! I too used to love trolls & collect stickers back in the late 80's / early 90's!

  5. I still have a habit of hoarding every sticker I find! I never want to put them ON anything though.
    I love the Kissy story!

  6. i always wanted a sticker book. my sister had one and i would sit and look at it all the time. i'm not sure why i never just started my own. i have a page of michael jackson puffy stickers i have been hanging onto for a while now. send me your addy if you want them for your book!

  7. That is so sweet of you!!
    I've emailed you

  8. Yay! Stickers! I just found my old sticker book on a trip home to my mom's too. I'll probably post pictures soonish. :)

    Also, yay for rescue kittehs!

  9. Great! I'd love to see yours!

  10. Your Collection is so beautiful...i wish i can trade with you =) A few people here in Germany collect Stickers, but not so many...


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