Friday 1 July 2011

Wales Adventure Part 1

Hi there!
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been poorly with a migraine
Damn thing, Oh well at least I feel better now
So it's time for my Wales pictures
I just realised earlier, something must have happened to my camera when uploading and it's wiped some of the photos
I think it was mainly the ones at my mums of the cats, but it's a shame
I'm probably going to do it in two parts as I have a lot of pictures!

Ok, onto the photos!
Before we left we were praying for good weather as we really wanted to go to Anglesey
The beaches there are breathtakingly beautiful
Especially Newborough!
I first went with Paul and his parents about 8 years ago and I've loved it ever since
You really don't feel you are in the U.K. at all there
The day we decided to visit the weather was gorgeous!
On the way we passed this field full of cows and had to stop
Look at the little babies!

Aren't they beautiful?

You have to drive through these beautiful woods to get to the beach
And there are lots of little picnic areas within the woods

We couldn't wait to get to the beach and feel the sand between our toes and have a little paddle
And the water was warm!

10 minutes in the sun I fell asleep (as usual) and got a little burnt..oops!

It was so peaceful and bright, nature at it's best

So feeling sun kissed and blissed out we headed back
About 5 minutes are leaving we passed a sign saying "Vineyard"
We'd never seen it before so drove in and parked up
It was situated within a old farm (Unfortunately these pictures were lost too)
A lovely man welcomed us and gave us directions to the vineyard
He told us to have a look around, just shut the gate so the horses don't run away
He was so relaxed!
It's called Ty Croes (incase you want to know) and it's family run, which I think is really nice
Oh you know, just horses roaming around...

This is the small

And this is the large
I thought that house was a bit spooky!

We walked back to the small shop and the man handed up tiny samples of wine and cider
We took back one of each

I will be back with pictures of Otters (one of the cutest things I've seen), Ducks and some awkward videos with my voice! (yuk, I hate hearing my voice on camera)


  1. This looks like a lovely trip, and your beach photos are absolutely glorious! It's so peaceful, I see why you fell asleep. Small business are my favorites. I just love meeting nice, laid-back people. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos- especially if there are otters!

  2. Migraines suck, glad you're feeling better.

    Those beach photos are beautiful, I want to be there!

  3. it all looks beautiful! i must go to wales again soon! the cows are so cute :)

  4. Stunning photos - looks like you had a great time! Erika Price Jewelry


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