Tuesday 5 July 2011

Otters, Ducks & Sheep

Hi there!
Onto more Wales pictures
We decided to head to Conwy Water Gardens
My mum went with my sister a while back and told me about the ducks just walking around
So I had to go (I love Ducks!)
We had to drive through Conwy and crossed our fingers for good weather as it looked like it was going to storm

First up were the otters
Now, I don't like to see enclosed animals but they seemed so happy
They had a really big enclosure with pools, lots of grass, caves and lots of places to hide
As soon as we got near we heard a squeak and saw two little heads pop up behind a rock
They ran towards us and started almost dancing around
Seriously, so so cute!

I know this is chopped off, but I love their little faces so much!
There names were Joe & Flo
Reading the info there, apparently Otters mate for life
And these two seemed loved up, they even got a little bit saucy! haha

OK, onto the video
I hate to hear the sound of my voice, but I decided to post this as they are so so cute!

Accident of the day, I got so excited I bent down to get closer
I reached out to hold the fence and grabbed a handful of nettles!
I smooshed them right into my hand!
Ever done that? Don't!
Seriously, I need to give in a bubble!

Luckily there were lots of dock leaves around, so I ended up with green tinted, swollen hands!
But that wasn't going to stop my fun, there were ducks to feed!
You could buy a bag of food and they were so tame!

They just wandered around so relaxed!
It was really lovely!

Feeding time! (Again, I apologise for my voice!) haha

Then we headed to Betws Y Coed!
Got to have some sheep pictures

We'd read about a cafe that does lots of veggie/vegan options
So we ordered the vegan breakfast to try (We shared)
It was a bit blah!

But the cherry and almond cookie was yum and that drink was so good!

I'd be lovely to live in that house!

Lying on some of the rocks on the other side was an elderly couple sitting with a Chihuahua and all of them were cuddling!
It was so cute! I wanted to get a photo, but I held back on the creepiness!
(I didn't really but it didn't come out-haha)

Betws is such a beautiful, picturesque little place!
Hope you enjoyed my photos and I bet you want an Otter now!


  1. You really got some lovely photos. And omg, THE OTTERS! Their little squeaks are beyond precious. Thanks for making my day. :-)

  2. Lovely shots. I used to work in Conwy in a previous life!!

  3. CUTE otters! Love them! What a nice happy post, with such nice photos too. Making me jealous...


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