Monday 18 July 2011

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Happy Monday!
Today has been crazy!
The rain has been torrential and we've had thunder and lightening!
It was quite dark and spooky
I'm crossing my fingers it'll stop soon because we're going out
I mentioned a while back about The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square
They play new films, but a lot of old classics too, it's where we went to see The Goonies
Tonight we're going to see Jaws 2!
When I was younger I was CRAZY about the Jaws films and that one was my favorite
I reckon over the years I must have seen it maybe 15 times
Paul has only ever seen one of them, which I made him watch
It was Jaws 3, which is totally crazy but good (In my opinion, I think it may have actually been considered a flop)
A shark preys on Sea World, which has lots of underwater viewing tunnels!
Uh oh, can you guess what happens?
Maybe after tonight Paul will come to love the Jaws films
As I've become to appreciate his Patrick Swayze/Jean Claude Van Damme Love! haha

OK, onto this weeks finds!

1. Design Noy
I've never like the whole 'Keep Calm' series, but I can't help but like this one!

2. Kallia's Wonderland
This vintage style set is sweet!

3. Sandra ArteagA
How amazing are these prints?
I love the bottom right one

4. Epically Epic Soap
The lip balms in this shop sound so good!

5. Corella Design
Little cute Mr Fancy Pants!

6. Every Eskimo
This sleepy looking Pug is adorable!

7. The Fancy Lamb
Love this vintage bag

8. Uncommon

I'm off to get ready
Cross your fingers the rain stops!


  1. Amazing blog and beautiful finds!!! Thank you so much for adding my earrings and my pins here :))


  2. ohhhh dear, those hair pins are precious!
    thanks for sharing!
    (cute blog btw)
    = )

  3. I just came from The Curious Pug...
    As it happens, I can't help but love that Keep Calm poster either! I was a 90's baby but Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies growing up.
    Awesome finds, and I love your layout! You've been added to my watch list :)


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