Thursday 14 July 2011

My fish got to Battersea Cats Home!

A while back I posted about sewing up some catnip fish to send to Battersea Cats Home
I wrapped the package well, but standing in line at the post office I noticed the package had quite a herby smell to it!
I felt a bit worried as someone may think that the package is something other than a bag of kitty toys.
So a week later I emailed to see if they had turned up, no sign
Still a month later no sign!
But then a week ago the lovely lady at Battersea emailed me to say they had turned up!
And today look what I got in an email

The black kitty is Dylan and the tabby is Sophie
I feel so happy I could help to break up the babies day while they wait to be re homed!
I'm starting a new batch tomorrow as Sisco has proven that the catnip is very potent,
so I can't imagine those fish will last too long!
If you want to help here is a list of things they always need!
And if you're reading this
Thank you Suili so much for sending me the photos x


  1. Awww how lovely for them to email you pics..........melts my heart x going to look at the list now.........

    Jo x

  2. AWW!cute
    you should be very proud that youve done your little bit for them. I took at look at the site to see what they needed and i may make some bits to send to them so thank you for the link.

    vicky x

  3. oh oh. they look like they love the fish!!xxx what cuties...

  4. What a brilliant idea! I'm glad they arrived safe and weren't removed from the post by sniffer dogs! I miss having cats in my home. x

  5. What a grat thing to do - lots of super cute catmip fishes to make cats very happy.
    I would love to do the same for our cats home ... may even do so as you have inspired me! x

  6. Gosh that's the nicest thing EVER!! What a fantastic thing to do, you should be so proud!!


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