Thursday 28 July 2011

Sassy Sisco

I just realised, I haven't posted a Sisco photo in a while!

It's been very humid and it knocks poor baby out
She gets a bit cranky when it's hot, even a brand new cardboard box didn't amuse her today
I got my 1st birthday present today, 5 days early!
I gave it to Paul quick to hide
I want to open it
we'll see!
Also I've decided to do a little giveaway on my blog for my birthday
I'll be posting that next week!


  1. Love Sisco. She looks just like my Dizzy. That rascal is cranky too.

  2. Kitty kitty!!!!! Isn't she purrrdy! :) :) Happy early BIRTHDAY! Sea Marie

  3. aw sisco! what a cute face! sadies does not like the heat either but we have put a huge bowl of water out for her so she can dip her toes in it...

  4. I used to have lovely cat unfornutately she is not in england :( but i love your pic of ur lovely cat :) also My Bday is on 1st of august so we both r LEO :) I knew it every leo loves cats :) of course:*

  5. Sisco looks like my cat Tilly! I'm also a Leo, yay for August birthdays! :P


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