Thursday 11 October 2012

One Year

Today is exactly one year since we got Sisco back after that horrible time
We feel so unbelievably lucky that we got our baby back, as I know a lot of people don't
Since then it has made us super wary
If she's out longer than usual we can't help but feel worried
I suppose it'll go over time
So this is our 1st year 'officially' as a little family
And I couldn't be happier!
I just want to say thanks for all the support we had through this blog and twitter
p.s. She's been TOTALLY spoilt the last week!


  1. She is one lucky kitty. I know how you feel Claire, when our sons cat Kaysar was missing this year it was just horrible. We still make sure he is in the house before we open the door to leave.

    Congrats on 1 whole year as a happy little family.


    1. Thanks Sue.
      I know, I remember when Kaysar was missing
      They're both lucky little kitties

  2. :) Aww what a well deserved celebration anniversary! Sweet Sisco!


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