Tuesday 9 October 2012

Cats, Cats and a few more Cats!

Let's just take a minute to talk about cats!
Seriously, aren't they just the cutest, coolest, most unique little things?
If I had my own way I'd have lots of them, but a certain little lady that controls me wouldn't be happy
So I just have the one
But nothing would make me happier to have a home filled with them 
*dreams of lying on a mattress made of cats*
And in my experience, 9 times out of 10
If a person is a cat lover, then they're a pretty great person

I have to share this artist
I am so in love with her style and want all of her kitty paintings!
I really want a custom painting of Sisco in her style
Up at the top of my wish list!
Isn't her work just adorable?
Check out more here



  1. These kitties are so cute Claire. Yahoo! I can comment again on your blog. My wonderful son updated my browser now all is well.


  2. These are freakin awesome! I love cats. I recently got a new cat (I haven't had a cat in my house for over 6 years!) and the house instantly feels better with the happy purring of a content kitty, and the psychotic running around of a playful kitty haha


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