Saturday 13 October 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Hope you've had a good weekend so far!
Yesterday was the most perfect Autumn day!
It was cold, but it was so sunny and the sky was so blue!
So Paul and I decided to head out for the day
As it was too nice to be inside we headed to Regents Park
I don't think I've ever seen so many Squirrels!
Even saw one sitting on a bench with a man, being fed!
I was a bit jealous of that one!
Then we popped round the shops in Camden
Came back, drank wine, cooked some yummy food and watched t.v. 
Lovely day!
And of course little Sisco had treats too!

Ok, here are my kitty inspired loves of the week!

These nails are simple but really pretty
I love everything about this sweet print
How cute is this cake?
This card is so cute!
This pillow is a purrfect gift for cat lovers
Check out this fancy little lady!
Give your furr babies a huge cuddle from me!


  1. Cute stuff! I like those cat nails.
    Sounds like you had a lovely day! :) xx

  2. OH MY GOSHHH that fancy kitty in the last pic is soo cute!

    Funny, I actually saw that kitty heart pillow and meant to send you the link... but of course you already know about it!! =D


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