Monday 8 October 2012

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I hope your weekend was a good one!
Today has gone by so fast, I'm really missing the days when it's light until 9!
I spent this afternoon sewing and watching old episodes of that 70's show
I don't know why, but I stopped watching it around Season 3
And I'm nearly up to the end
I forgot what a great show it was!
But I'm really missing Eric and Kelso, the show just isn't the same without them
I know, I'm a few years late! haha

Another show we've just finished watching is a British show called 'Afterlife' 
I'd never even heard of it before I watched it
But it's so good!
It follows a university lecturer that becomes involved with a medium
Lots of supernatural things happen and he begins to write a book about her
We went through the series an episode a night and I'm really missing it
Spooky, but not too spooky!
I'd definitely recommend it!
Plus, the uni lecturer is Rick off The Walking Dead

Ok, onto my finds

1. ChaCha Covers
Ooh! Perfect for Halloween!
2. Twinkie Chan
How adorable are these mitts?
You can tell I'm on a bit of a Halloween kick!
This bracelet is really sweet
4. Pinky Toast
I've featured Pinky Toast on my blog before
But look how cute this print is
5. Bianca Strom
6. JL by Janet Leigh
This ring is really dainty and sweet!
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  1. Ahhhhhh the mitts are so cute I also love the nautical ring! Do you think you could make some mitts like that but different of course?

  2. I love everything!! especially that skin shirt, its perfect :)

  3. super cute selection!
    And thank you for including my tank in there! :) xo


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