Sunday 14 October 2012

Sunny Day in Regents Park

I mentioned that we had lovely weather on Friday so headed to Regents park for a walk, here a few pics
But 1st, this is Sisco in her litter tray when she was ill
We kept her in a few days
She's always done her business outside (apart from when she was in the cattery)
So we didn't have a tray, so we used the bottom of her cat basket (don't worry, we washed it well)
For some reason, she loved to just sit in it!
She looks so cute in these pics, my little baby
'It's nice, this!'
Ok, so Friday was the perfect Autumn weather
It was so bright!
In part of the park they had a sculpture section, most of it was a bit bleh
But a few were ok
This reminds me of Beetlejuice!
I don't care what anyone says, I think Pigeons are cute
They've always reminded me of little men in suits
'How dare you take my picture!'
These guys were so cocky! 
They got up close to me so fast!
'Hey you, got any bickies?'
I'm really hoping this Autumn we'll have lots more sunny days

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