Friday 19 October 2012

Friday Favourites

I am so happy it's Friday!
I am so looking forward to just relaxing this weekend
I've mentioned before I love vintage memorabilia, especially from Universal Studios 
I remember going when I was young, walking up to the gate and hearing all the theme tunes to films like Jaws, Psycho and other films
It just seemed magical
And years later Paul and I got to go as a couple, so it's pretty special to me
I'm always watching Universal Studios mugs on ebay, but they are usually in the U.S. and the postage is crazy
But I came across these the other day, they were in the U.K. and started at 99p
 And I won them! And for 99p!
What a bargain!
They still had the price tag on and were wrapped in an old style Univeral Studios bag
What a fantastic find!

As it's been so cold I've been drinking lots of this tea
It's so good!
I let it brew for ages, then add a bit of agave and soya milk

Ok, onto my Friday Favourites!

This jumper is cute!
It looks really cosy too
 This Alien versus Predator wedding cake is horrific
But really funny too!
Check out this video of Henry Thomas' audition for E.T.
That film gets me everytime, this clip even made me want to cry!
I love these Halloween cupcakes
The ghosts are really cute!
This vintage mug is really cute
Isn't this bird costume adorable?
Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a lovely collection of things, I love the pretty jumper.... it's adorable! x


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