Thursday 19 May 2011

A little update & some photos

Hi there
Hope this weeks been good so far, I can't believe it's Thursday!
I had an appointment at the dreaded dentist yesterday
It actually went ok, and apparently my teeth are fine
But I needed one filling (which I had already guessed)
But then the lady said "shall I do it now?"
But I was brave and did it
I'm not too bothered by the dentist, it's just noises of their gadgets
Yuck, makes me feel woozy
And half my face went numb! So weird
I spend the next two hours trying not to bite off my tongue!
I can't believe my sister is training to be a dentist! I couldn't even touch one of those drills, let alone use it!

Anyway, here are a few photos from this week

I bought some new nail polish (Hey, a girl's got to treat herself sometimes!)
I love Barry M products.
They're so affordable and great quality
The dazzle dusts are my favorites!

My evil eyed baby

Some new cards I got with my blog details on
They're pretty simple, but I think they're quite sweet!

Love these flowers!

My tomato plants!
I'm so proud!
Think I'll replant them this week

Spied this cheeky guy in my neighbours garden
I love squirrels!

And that's it for now


  1. The new cards look GREAT! And I'm a big fan of squirrels too. They bring me smiles every single time I see them. :-)

  2. those two nail polish colors right next to each other make me think of a prom in the 1960s. I love it!

  3. I love that squirrel photo! I love squirrels! Your post made me realise that I STILL haven't sent you the nail polish I promised to send you, I suck. I promise I'll get it in the post soon!


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