Wednesday 11 May 2011

Some old photos and mashed potato saves the day!

Well, today's been a bit of a day!
I'm a pretty positive person, but sometimes you get a day where you just feel really bleh!
Usually I'll go for a long walk, or do a good workout and that sorts me out
But today I just decided to take a bit of me time and have a bit of a time out

This consisted of:
Wrapping up in cosy clothes and being totally lazy
Catching up with my favorite blogs
Eating a yummy and comforting bowl of mashed potato (the best!)
Pestering Sisco for cuddles when she's sleepy (then giving up when she gets mad at me and just having a nap with her)
And looking through old photos
I'm usually the one who takes the photos, but when Paul was sorting out his IPhoto we realised there were loads we hadn't even seen!
Such a lovely and unexpected surprise!
I thought I'd share a few

I hadn't seen most of these and some I'd forgotten we'd taken

She looks so cute here!

Yes, I'm responsible for this one
I swear, she loves dressing up!

She may not be the most photogenic, but she's my baby!
haha! She looks so unimpressed here

She looks so young here

And here are a few from our last holiday in Florida
They always have shops in the theme parks that sell these silly hats
I drag Paul over and make us try them on (I think he secretly likes it!)
Hmmmmm...I wonder why there were none of his hat photos on Iphoto? ;)
I LOVED this one!
Really wanted to buy it

I've just had a lovely shower and feel so much better!
What do you do when you get one of those days?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention
Tomorrow I'm updating my shop with some Spring lovelies!
Fingers crossed, I was supposed to photograph everything today, but the weather was so dull!
Also, up until Saturday night I will be offering free shipping on all items!
So make sure you check back


  1. hi claire :) I am positive person too but not that long time ago I had similar day like you had today. I usually have long bath,candles,glass of wine,do my nails,watch funny tv shows and read magazines I also check some inspiring blogs :) hope tomorrow will b one of your happy days again :)

  2. sometimes we need a day of cozy-ness and it sounds like you did just that!


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