Monday 30 May 2011

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Hi there!
Hope you've had a good Monday
The weathers been terrible here
But I quite like it when I get to stay inside when the weather's bad and be all cosy!
I've found so many lovelies this week!

1. Briana Rose
This ring is so beautiful

2. Black Gizmo
Usually my phone cases are pink, but I really love this one!

3. Iluxo
This little Polaroid necklace is also a locket!
So sweet!

4. Jules Brzez
Love this!

5. Mart Vert
I've fallen in love with this artists sad faced Pugs

6. Debi Birkin Designs
I really need to learn how to crochet!
How amazing are these little Budgies?

7. Becks Orange

Becky always creates the most beautiful blankets

8. Ashes Stashes

This necklace reminds me of sweets from when I was little

Hope you found something you love!


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