Wednesday 4 May 2011

Scott Musgroves Creepy & Cute Creatures

I want to share an artist with you I love
I think I first discovered Scott Musgroves work through a Facebook recommendation
I love art that is a bit creepy and cute
Plus, I've got a soft spot for big eyed creatures!
There is just something so sweet and charming about his work
Hope you like!

If you know of any artists that have a creepy/cute style I'd love to know!
I love discovering new artists!


  1. This work reminds me of Mary Ryden's paintings as well. I think a lot of more recent artists whose work resembles this must have some influence from his art, he's been pretty big for a long time now! Or maybe since I have been a Mark Ryden fan for a decade, I just think anyone else whose work reminds me of his was inspired by him... Hmmm...

  2. hi!
    I just found your blog today, and I love it!
    so cute pictures <3 And I love your backround! Clouds are always cute.
    And the artwork abowe... WOW.
    I love the third one from the bottom.
    Like the other animals are on the other animals head. Beautiful.


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