Friday 27 May 2011

A little Update and artwork by Emma Geary

Sorry about the lack of updates this week
This week has flown by and for some reason, just simple running errands seemed take forever
I had a pretty good appointment at the hygienist, no pain! Yay!
I've never been scared of the dentist, but as I've gotten older it's started to make me feel really really queasy!
I think it's the noises more than anything, they really go through me! yuk!
Feeling quite happy with myself, I paid my bill and went to leave
And outside was the heaviest rain! And so windy!
And my the bus stop was quite a walk away
Shopping bags + glasses + an umbrella that decided to turn inside out every few steps = Me looking like a blind, drowned rat!
Finally got to the bus stop, clean my glasses
Ahh! I can see!
Then a bus goes speeding past, hits a puddle and soaks me!
So, by the time I got home I wasn't looking all that great!
Oh well, you have to laugh!
Someone needs to invent mini windscreen wipers for glasses
They wouldn't be that pretty, but they'd do the job!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it
But, about a week ago I saw a post by Battersea Cats home about needing toys to keep the cats entertained.
I've got lots of felt, so I decided to make some
I bought some catnip, its Canadian and supposed to be super strong!
This stuff smells so potent!
Sisco attacked the bag, zoned out for 5 minutes, then ate a load of food!
Guess it's good catnip!

Anyway, I just want to share an artist I love!
I love cute artwork and the girls Emma Geary creates are beautiful
Check them out!

Hope your weekend is fun filled!


  1. love this... almost reminds me of audrey kawasaki!

  2. oh wow, her girls are amazing! so quirky and cute!

    krystal x


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