Friday 6 May 2011

Emma Butler Movie Posters & a mini update

Happy Friday Everyone!
I know I say this alot, but this week has just flown by!
This weekend I'm going to be super productive!
I really want to do my Etsy Update soon!
So tomorrow my day will consist of Teavana, Lots of new documentaries! (And some episodes of Come Dine with me for some less serious viewing!) And all my lovely sewing supplies!
Oh, and some Sisco snuggle breaks of course!
Rock N Roll weekend!

Now, a little update on the plant situation
My tomato plants are growing so fast!
Seriously, I think they may be secretly taking some performance enhancing drugs!
Unfortunately the Basil seems to have taken a turn for the worst.
He's not looking so good and doesn't seem to want to come out anymore!
It was from a 99p shop, but I still feel a little sad

I also just want to share these posters I came across by Emma Butler
As I've mentioned I love Back to the Future, so I was excited when I came across these!
I'd love to see an E.T, Goonies and Big one!

Fun aren't they?
What's you weekend plans?


  1. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by. Those posters are really fab - Top Gun is my absolute fave! love Annie x

  2. LOVE these! I want the Juno one :)


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