Monday 23 May 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Lots of Love ♥

Hi there!
I'm here with my Etsy favorites for this week
The weather here has been crazy!
So dull and windy, feels almost like Winter
I'm soo excited as we've booked our train tickets to Wales!
We haven't been since Christmas and it'll be so nice to be there when the weather is (hopefully)
I'm looking forward going to car boots (Love car boot sales)
Going for lots of walks up mountains, along the beach and in the woods
Playing on the 2p machines on the pier
Seeing the crazy sized Seagulls (I don't know why, but in Wales they're the size of small dogs)
And of course, seeing family and friends and my mums chubby kittens and Jessica the dog
So, this in a month I'll be posting lots of pictures, plus lots of sheep pictures! haha

Ok, on with my favorites!

1. Shop Never The Less
I'm not usually a big fan of wooden jewelery
But I really like this!

2. Layla Amber
LOVE the feathered friends range in this shop
These hair clips are definitely on my wish list

3. Waterbears
The artwork in this shop is adorable!

4. Brienna
I'm really into Bunnies lately
And this print is very pretty!

5. Truche
Love California
Love this necklace

6. Blath Designs
Love the colours in this bracelet
The beads almost look like this sweets

7. Huiyitan
These are so sweet!
Love the umbrella


  1. I love the necklace and hair clips!

    ps I also love a good car boot!

  2. Thank you for putting my hair clips in your lovely blog :-) I love the little earrings!

  3. Lovely items! i could be browsing through Etsy for hours. Thanks so much for including my bracelet and say hello to Sisco...

  4. it's only the seagulls in llandudno that are so large and crazy - when i went there one of them stole my soysage roll out of my hand!
    (cute etsy finds by the way.. esp the bear)

  5. How incredibly sweet of you!!!!


  6. i have to say i'm in love with the bird hair clips!

  7. I lovelovelove the Ahoy necklace! super cute!

  8. Perhaps the seagulls are extra lucky around your parts. I always share my lunch with them.. but it's always a bad idea. Once you share with one, you have to try and share with all of them. Thanks for sharing your finds. The illustrations are just darling x

  9. thanks for posting about my ahoy pendant :D

    love the little bird clips, so cute!


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