Thursday 24 May 2012

Bits and Bobs

It's soo hot in London!
It almost reminds me of Florida as it's so humid!
I'm dying to make a trip to Wales and be by the sea
If you ever go to North Wales, visit Anglesey
There's place there called Newborough and the beach is so beautiful!

The last few days I've been making lots of plush, as I'm now stocked in Artway Emporium!
It's a lovely shop filled with artwork, vintage clothes, furniture and lots of other lovely things
So I'm really happy about that!

Something totally heartwarming happened today
Paul and I were walking in our local woods when a woman stopped us and asked if we'd found Sisco
It turns out she was one of the people we had been to see when Sisco went missing as she thought the cat hanging around her home may had been her
When we explained everything that happened she was so happy and said she'd been looking out for us as he'd hoped we'd got her back
So lovely! Left us with a warm, fuzzy feeling all day!


  1. They look great! I love the bunnies! Well done for being stocked in a new place, that's exciting! Also it's really sweet of that lady to ask about Sisco.. it's always nice to have a reminder that there are genuinly nice people out there. Hope your plushes sell well, they should! :) xxxx

    1. Ahh! Thanks Beth!
      It was lovely for that woman to remember us


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