Friday 18 May 2012

♥ Friday favourites ♥

It's Friday!
And it's not raining! Whoo hoo!
I've been busy this week sewing up some plush for a lovely shop near by that I'm hoping to be stocked in
And I've got a lot more to sew this weekend
I'm looking forward to it

As the weather's been warmer, Sisco's been out more
We never really worried about her in the past when she went out
But when that woman picked her up and we lost her for 2 weeks (worse time ever
 We worry about her when she's out, we're trying not to
But it's so hard, she's not just a cat
She's our baby (Hey, non cat people don't roll your eyes!)
Maybe I'll fit a little camera on her collar.....
Well, a bit!

Ok, enough of the cat obsessed talk, although I could go on a lot longer
Onto this Friday's favourites

I'm not ashamed to say
Discovered the series
Watched them all and caught up with the current episode
Watched them all again!
Oh Sheldon, I love you!
Check out this list of ultimate swimming pools
All I have to say is..
I love Squirrels!
So many people say they're vermin, but I think they're adorable!
There's loads in the woods by me
Running up the trees and making lots of noise
Frisky little things!
This print is cute!
Isn't this duck tea infuser sweet?


  1. haha that little slogan box thingy made me lol good finds have a jolly weekend x

  2. I love this post Claire. I am a big Big Bang Theory fan. Don't you just love Amy and Sheldon, hilarious! My favourite is when he bought her the tiara.

    Love that second to last pool and the love saying.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Yes! Amy is so funny! We only started watching like a month ago, but quickly watched them all!
      You have a good weekend too x


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