Sunday, 27 May 2012

Daily Cuteness - My Little Pony Project

Even though I am in my late 20's I love anything to do with my childhood
I'm really nostalgic
So of course I'd love this!
My Little Pony Project was a show featuring ponies customised by artists
There was also pony inspired artwork
They look amazing!
Here are some of my favorites!
Check out more here


  1. So adorable. When our son was 3 he loved my little pony. I got him an orange one called Peaches and he always kept his toys in great condition. Now that he has a 15 month old little girl we are letting her play with it. It just thrills him that there was something of his that his little girl would want to play with.

    1. That is so lovely!
      I'm glad I kept my toys


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