Saturday 19 May 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I've found some lovely things this week, but I'm starting with a slightly embarrassing video
I'm probably going to regret uploading this, but I have to
I think it's funny!
Last night we found out that Pauls nanas cat may be pregnant!
I have never wanted to live near Pauls nan more than now!
I'd be in there 12 hours a day! At least!
Anyway, I made this video to send to Pauls mum & dad
Couple of things first:
Excuse my 'Sisco' voice
 I don't sound like that, at least I hope Idon't
Sisco has a purrsonality as a moody cat that hates other cats
There's a bit of swearing in this video
The quality is bad as it's from my phone
We have full on conversations
This MUST be part of the crazy cat lady uniform!
Be honest, would you wear it?
I love this cardi!
This brooch is sweet!
The cat looks very content
Give your furr babies a bit smooch from me


  1. I saw that cat cardi today, it's amazing isn't it!! I love that shirt too.
    xx PC

  2. Hahahaha! Your video gave me a good giggle, and the mister too! And as for the cat lady uniform, I usually don't wear cat-themed clothing, but I'd make an exception for a few choice items. I was *this close* to buying a cat purse the other day, but it was beaded and gaudy and I realized I'm about 40 years away from being able to pull off such a thing.

    1. Ha! Glad you liked it!
      I know what you mean about the purse, I have that every now and then!


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