Thursday 27 January 2011

♥ Free spread the love mini cards ♥

Valentines day is coming soon
Now, I am not really one to make a big fuss out of Valentines day
I think it's far more romantic to do something special for the one you love as a surprise
Not because that's what is expected of you on that day, but because you want to!
Every year I see men rushing about on the day, full of panic.
Usually clutching an oversized stuffed toy or a bag from some lingerie shop
Also, have you seen how much flower sellers put their prices up?
I don't mean to sound like a grump, but spontaneity is much more romantic
That's why I've drawn up these mini cards for my readers
Print them out and just pop them into your loved ones bag, lunchbox or coat pocket
Just to let you know you're thinking of them!
Go on!
Spread the love!

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