Monday 3 January 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ A Whole Lotta Love ♥

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope your week has started off well!
My day so far has been made up with sorting out my craft area (feels SO much better)
Listening to the Weezer 'Hurley' album. Actually really quite like it, some of it seems to have a bit of a 50's feel to it. Also making a big batch of super garlicky, spicy soup to help Paul with the dreaded man flu!

On to this weeks Etsy picks that I love this week!

1. Brilliance Found
It's no secret I'm a sucker for animal inspired jewelery!
Love this!

2. Vector Cloud
I used to LOVE Polly Pocket
My fave was the vet one!

3. Block Party Press
So dainty and pretty!

4. Mihow
These lollipops are Watermelon and pink peppercorns
How amazing does that sound?
And they're so pretty

5. Beady Cats
This is so beautiful

6. Moxie Thrift
So pretty!

7. Elgar Boart
Love this print

8. Janish Jewels
I LOVE Tourmaline so much and I really love this ring

9. Zooz Jewelery
I'm not a big dinosaur fan, but this little guy is adorable!

10. Koniver
These nesting dolls are sweet

11. Chez Sucre Chez
♥ California

12. Danny Brito
I adore Danny's art and this little brooch is lovely!

13. Masaoms
I need more fingers!
This colour is just perfect!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks pics!


  1. Thanks for featuring my nesting dolls on your lovely blog! So much great eye candy here... very honored to be included. xoxo, Laura

  2. wow! this really brightened my day! so wonderful and cheery. my suitcase (moxiethrift) is in super company. thanks so much!

  3. Lovely selection, thank you for feature my ring here! ;-P

  4. Great finds! Thanks so much for including my necklace!!


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