Saturday 29 January 2011

The Madonna Inn

Right from the pretty much the beginning of our relationship, Paul and I dreamed of travelling to California for a few months.
So, 6 years ago after ALOT of saving our dream came true and we travelled to California for a 2 month stay
We rented a house,so we had a base and travelled to all the places we'd been planning for years
It was so worth EVERY penny and was definitely a life changing experience
Anyway, when I started researching places I wanted to visit I came across The Madonna Inn
wow, just wow!
If you've seen pictures of this place, you probably know that is so kitschy!
All the rooms have a theme and there is ALOT of pink used
Back then I was very much into pink and this place seemed like decoration heaven!
There is the 'Caveman' room, which is made up of solid rock, lots of leopard print and even has a waterfall!
The 'Tall & Short' which was created for couples of different height, with furniture in different sizes
The 'Traveler's suite' that has a stone fireplace taking up most of the room.
Seriously, I want to stay in pretty much every room!
Whilst we were in California the kitschy heaven had totally slipped my mind
Until, driving up to San Fransisco for a few days, we past it!
We went to the reception and stocked up on postcards.
They sell them for each room!
But we didn't stay as we had reservations in San Fransisco, I really regret that and definitely want to stay next time we go
The thing is, which room do I choose?

Now onto the Gold Rush Steak House

Seriously, I think you'd need sunglasses if you had a meal here!

I'd love to know if any of you have been!
If so, what was it like?

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