Saturday 1 January 2011

Off to Wales Part two - Sheep, Castles & Rainbows

Whenever we go back to Wales, we always go to Conwy
I've probably been a million times, but I love it!
Conwy is a walled town with a castle!
If you get a chance, definitely visit
It's such a pretty, old fashioned town!

We saw some sheep on the way and had to stop!

That mountain is called the Great Orme, the sheep were on the one opposite, the Little Orme
I used to live right by the Great Orme and it's so beautiful to walk around in the summer

Heading towards Conwy

Isn't it amazing?
You can actually walk around it and along the walls
But we didn't as it was too slippy!

Conwy is supposed to be really haunted too!
Although I haven't seen anything spooky-Yet!

Most gift shops are FULL of sheep and Red Dragons!
So, if you ever need one, you know where to come!

This was part of a cute display in a shop window

On the quay on the front, there is the smallest house in Great Britain
I've been in it when I was little and it's quite creepy!

The front was pretty quiet as it's Winter, so not much to see today!

We got ourselves some yummy chips!
And gobbled them up!

I think that ship on the left is amazing!
It looks like an old pirate ship!

Creepy Jellyfish!

So that's it for today's post
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
I will be back tomorrow with the final Wales post with lots of puppy pics!

Happy New Year!!!

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