Sunday 2 January 2011

Off to Wales! Final Part Puppies & Chubby Kitties!

So, this is the final Wales post!
Every time we are away from Wales for a while, we are always surprised by how beautiful it is.
The place I am from is called Llandudno
The town has a lot of old listed buildings, that have been preserved for years, which I think is pretty special
And I love the fact you can walk on the beach and be so close to the mountains too
It's so pretty in summer
We've spent many evenings walking down the pier and playing on the 2p machines!

I LOVE these hotels on the front, they're so bright and cheery!

We walked past my late Nana's (Great-Grandmas) old house
So many lovely memories in that little house!

We were walking past this house and noticed someone staring at us
Can you see the little cheeky guy in the bottom, left corner?

And on to my sisters puppies.....
They are INSANE!
They're only 4 months old and SO hyper!
Snoopy is the one with the white chest and Charlie is the other
Charlie is a lot more reserved than Snoopy
And Snoopy is a 100 MPH crazy pup!

Naughty boy!

I took ALOT of photos over the 6 days we were there and these are the only ones were they are still(ish)
I felt tired just watching them!

They are quite sweet when cuddled up together though (And asleep!!)

Louie/Cat Model

'I could model cat food in adverts you know'

'Except I'd eat it all before they could get a photo'

Check out those yummy paws!
She was tucking on the cover!

Old Lady Jessy May

Sleepy little Chub-Chubs!

So that's it for my Christmas post!
Our pressies are being sent back in a box, so hopefully we'll have them Tuesday
I want to share photos of the prettiest ukulele I had as a gift off Paul's parents!

Hope everyones New Year is oof to a good start!
I've a feeling it's going to be a good one!


  1. This is beautiful!! How wonderful to have family there and an excuse to go. You are blessed! And the cats and dogs are precious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't know you were from Wales! I grew up in Wales too, in Brecon. Looks like you had a great christmas. Lovin the pet pics! :)


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