Thursday 6 January 2011

Some leftover Christmas photos

When we were in Wales I had a good rummage in the boxes I have at my mums house. When I moved to London, I had to leave ALOT of my things there as I really didn't have any room. The years flew by and I realised I haven't even been near them in such along time. It was so good, I have so much material , buttons, trims and ribbons. I also found a few toys from when I was younger, which was lovely I could only bring a tiny selection back, but it's so lovely to have it! Paul's parents packed it all nicely and posted it back to us in a big box I bought back some amazing vintage material Paul's mum gave me ages ago. It's so pretty! And lots of 60's nautical buttons I bought off eBay, I can't wait to use them! Also came in the box, a few gifts I got for Christmas. This year I asked for mainly useful things So I got perfume, candles, cardigans and a whole lot of socks! Paul's parents got me some pretty interesting vintage gifts that I need to photograph and post And the beautiful ukulele came! Ted (Paul's dad) made it & Linda (Paul's mum) painted it. They're quite the team! Anyway, onto the photos My friend Nia adopted a 3 legged cat (Bob) around the same time we had Sisco So we act as if they're long distance friends (I know, crazy cat ladies unite!) Bob got Sisco some cat nip treats and a stocking full of toys! 'They is mine' She doesn't like sharing Notice the little mark by her left eye? I think little baby got in a fight! She's fine, but I had a bit of a cry "Who's done this to my baby!!!" As if she's the little innocent one! Nia also made us these vegan gingerbread cookies   When I was at Paul's parents I fell in love with this super soft and cosy blanket, and they kindly gave it me! And guess who's claimed it? Yep, I don't get a look in! And she's sitting on my new pillow! Cheeky little bugger! She is so spoilt!

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