Monday 10 January 2011

Some pretty Christmas gifts

So, here are the pictures I meant to post of some of my lovely Christmas gifts!
I love a bit of sparkle!

Paul's parents got me a vintage straw bag!
I love it! It'll be SO perfect for summer
Right now it's filled with embroidery thread, which I won't show you as it needs tidying!

Also, The beautiful ukulele came!
Now, I have no musical talent whatsoever!
But I might try and play this, the sound is so lovely and soothing (Not when I play!)
Paul's dad made it and Paul's mum painted some gorgeous Hibiscus flowers on it

Proudly displayed on the wall above a lovely photo of my Nana!

Also, they gave me an original 1950's fashion drawing!
What a fantastic idea for a gift!
Unfortunately the card enveloped damaged it slightly when it ripped
You can't really see it though, as it's right by her arm

I bought this from a charity shop a while ago
It's a reprint of a vintage postcard!
Love it!

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