Tuesday 11 January 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Waiting for Spring ♥

Sorry for the late Monday posting
I am feeling quite poorly, FULL of cold and I've nearly lost my voice (I think my boyfriend is quite pleased about that!)
I love Autumn, and I love it when it snows
But weather right now is so horrid and cold
I long for spring days
To hear the birds singing, go for a walk without wearing 3 layers of clothing and to finally feel the sun on my face
So, that what has inspired this week post

1. Jenn Reece 7
Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones and this necklace is so pretty!

2. Diem Design
Lazily floating along in this would be bliss!

3. Kitsch Cafe
A lovely little thing to have on your desk and make you smile!

4. Plastic Pumpkin
So pretty

5. Hydra Heart
Perfect springtime shoes

6. Little Houses
I love this little jacket so much!

7. Simple Housewares
I would LOVE these in my size!!

8. Ginko 305
Awww! So sweet!

9. Kyle Anne Metals
These stacker rings are so dainty and pretty!

10. I like you as a friend
Perfect little bunny for springtime!

Hope you saw some things you liked!
I'm off to have some super spicy soup and hot tea!

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  1. Great picks! Thank you for including my plum blossoms. I love the tourmaline beads.


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