Monday 17 January 2011

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Hi There!
I have been so productive today, and it feels great!
I've been crafting up a storm, making things I hope to list on etsy by the end of the week
So, here is this weeks etsy loves!

1. Elseetee2
This ring is absolutely magical!

2. New Town Artist
This plate is so cute!

3. Miss Mercy
These necklaces are so adorable

4. Sky Magenta
This bread & butter purse is so cute and such a bargain!

5. Roadkill
LOVE cat jewelery!

6. Castallare
I love a good body scrub, and this sounds so yummy!

7. In Most Light
I love this photo
Pastel buildings are the prettiest!

8. Live Love Drama
This hat is so pretty

9. NzL Bags
This bag is so pretty and girlie!

10. Knock Knocking
This wreath is so pretty and I love the colours

11. Kandyscadol
This necklace is so unique

12. Cathy Peng
I've featured Cathy's work an etsy post before
But I just love this cat illustration

13. BMattCook
Love this

14. Mart Vert
How much do you want to kiss that puppies tummy!

15. Creative Accidents
I swear, there is SO many rings I would love off etsy!

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  1. I love the kitty necklaces, the pastel buildings and the wreath! :)
    I have a giveaway on my blog if you want to enter :)


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