Wednesday 19 January 2011

I can almost smell Spring!

Today was so bright and sunny!
It was such a lovely change
We decided to wrap up warm and head to the woods
When we got there the sound of little birds singing filled the air!
It was like a gorgeous spring day!
Except the woods were SO muddy and some parts of the woods are very steep
And very, very slippy!
And for some reason we decided to venture off the path right into the soggiest, muddiest part
No pictures of muddy parts as getting my camera out would be asking for trouble (I have a bit of an unwanted reputation as being clumsy!)
So this led to me hanging on to trees as if my life depended on it and screeching like a little girl whenever I nearly slipped!
Yeah....I know! Attractive!
These pics are from the less muddy bits

Creepy mushrooms everywhere!
Where have all the little cute ones gone?

Little cutie

It's so hard to photograph as they are sooo fast
But the woods were filled with little robin redbreasts (My favorite) and what I think was blue tits!
I was left with a lot of blurry photos!

See that tree on the right? It wound around like a spring, it was so strange and spooky!

Ahhh! I think I even felt a bit of sun on my face!

This little guy was just wandering along

'Hey! What's up? Just going for a stroll'

I love Squirrels!
I'd love to take one home and just have him hanging around the flat

So that's it!
Off to sew now!

Oh, I forgot
If you are in the UK and like tea, get this!

It smells heavenly and tastes like turkish delight!

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