Saturday 29 January 2011

Rainbow Rings & a little update

So far I've had a lovely start to the weekend
On Friday I met up with some friends from uni
It was so lovely to catch up and have a gossip!
Since uni finished time seems to have just flown by, but when we met up it seemed like only yesterday we saw each other. I think it's lovely when it feels like that.
I've spent today doing my favorite thing
Crafting and watching documentaries online, and sipping that AMAZING Rose tea I mentioned a while back
It is heavenly!!

I just want to share this artist I found a while ago
It's no secret I love rings and when I saw these I fell in love with John Clayborn's Colour collection
They are like a little Rainbow on your finger and only $20!
Aren't they pretty?


  1. These rings look like liquorice of rainbows
    Relly pretty


  2. I love meeting up with old uni friends too. I love the way you can go for ages without seeing freinds and then when you do catch up it's just the same x


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